Alaska Gold Basketball Program frequently asked questions

What is Alaska Gold Basketball?

Alaska Gold is a non-profit volunteer program that is focused on developing young people with a passion for the game of basketball.  Through our program we provide a consistent and steady building of each players skills until they develop into a player with an all around game – virtually a multidimensional player versus a one-dimensional player.  We also teach the player to take school seriously and strongly encourage them to perform at a level higher than the average student.  In turn…we develop the player into a student athlete capable of obtaining either an athletic or academic scholarship post-high school.

What are the dates of the season?

The program is year round.

How many practices and games are there?

There are generally two practices per week in the evenings with league games generally scheduled on Saturday. Games can be in the morning, afternoon, or early evening. Most teams will also play in 2-3 holiday tournaments each year which could include Saturday games. There are occasions in which games during league play will occur during the week.  That depends highly on the league scheduling – which we have no control over.  Playoff games in various leagues can and may occur during the week as well.

Where are practices and games?

Practices are held primarily at the Mountain View Boys & Girls Club.  Depending on the league we may be required to hold practices in one of the various middle schools in the Anchorage area.  Depending on the league games may be held at the local YMCA, Mt. View Boys & Girls Club and/or various Middle Schools in the area.

Does the Alaska Gold Basketball Program Travel?  If so, where do the teams travel to?

Yes, we travel.  Travel can occur multiple times throughout the year and can be anywhere in-state (Fairbanks, Wasilla, Valdez, etc) or out-of-state (Washington, Chicago, California, Nevada).  When and if the opportunity of travel presents itself a team of the best representation of basketball players statewide will be assembled.  Because you participate in a league doesn’t automatically place you on a travel team roster.

Can my child still play Rec Basketball?

Yes.  While we hold an opinion on rec leagues and player participation in them, we encourage some players to participate in multiple recreational leagues around town for a variety of reasons.

If my child tries out, is he guaranteed to be placed on a team?

No. There will be cuts. This is a competitive program.

How much will the program cost?

The cost varies depending on the number of leagues and tournaments each team participates in. The fee pays for gym time rental, referees, uniforms, league fees and tournaments.  If travel is involved, the cost will be considerably more.  At the minimum, you will be responsible for a $50 per month program fee due at the beginning of each month.