Coaches Commitment & Pledge

All Alaska Gold coaches are volunteers that dedicate an enormous amount of time away from their friends and families in order to make each player better.  We will, at all times, abide by the coach’s prayer with each and every player as well as each and every team.  Please feel free to remind us of our pledge to be the best coaches we can be at all time.

Coach’s Prayer

“Lord, guide me as I try to coach this team,
to build each player’s character, & boost their self-esteem.
May I keep an even temper, & remember it’s just a game,
Let me not have favorite players, but treat them all the same.
Grant me patience with them as I pause them or correct,
Remember that I must work to earn each one’s respect.
Lord, whether we may win or lose may all who are watching see,
the kind of coach at every game that you would have me be.

written by Arrowhead High School (Wis.) athletic director Kevin Flegner….