Holiday Roundball Classic – Tournament Rules



Date of Tournament                         December 19-21, 2014

Boys                                                           3rd/4th, 5/6th (Elite/All-Star) 7/8th (Elite/All-Star)

Girls                                                         3rd/4th, 5/6th, 7/8th (Elite/All-Star)  


Players                                                       Must compete in their grade level or above. Or will be ineligible to play.  A player may play on only ONE team.


Registration                                            Teams fee $350 ($300 for multiple teams/3 or more).  Entry forms must be completed and submitted with one check payable to: “Mountaineer” or “AK Gold


Online Registration                             November 13 go to click on Xmas Tournament tab


Registration Deadline                        December 4, 2014.




  1. Two – eighteen minute running halves.
  2. Clock stops for free throws, time-outs and injuries.
  3. The clock starts on the release of first free-throw.
  4. One and one beginning with the 10th foul.
  5. Two minutes between halves.
  6. Three 30 second timeouts per game, only two will carry into second half.
  7. One minute overtime (one timeout per overtime, no carry over).
  8. A second overtime the first team to three (3) points wins (no timeouts, no clock).
  9. All teams must have numbered jerseys on at least one side.
  10. Jewelry, metal, hard plastic object/hair beads are prohibited.
  11. Balls will not be bounced, rolled, thrown or passed in hallways, balcony at any time or in the gym during live play.
  12. Coaches are responsible for team, parent and fan actions.
  13. Two coaches and uniformed players will be allowed on bench during live play.
  14. If you are not coaching or playing please stay off the courts.
  15. Coaches are responsible for medical and emergencies of his/her players in the event of accident/incident, injury or illness.
  16. Teams are responsible for cleaning their bench area after each game.


Game Locations                                   Bartlett High School Gym / Mt View BGC

Game Times                                           Friday (12/19) 9a – 9p, Sat (12/20) 8a – 9p, Sunday (12/21) 9a – 5p


Scorekbook/Clock                              Each team must provide a Scorekeeper and clock manager


Admission                                                 Free for bracket play.  $5 for Championship play (Dec. 21st)


Pairing Information                              All teams are guaranteed 4 games. Game schedules will be available at by Wednesday December 15, 2014.


POC/Tournament Directors              Rick Henderson, 907.230.8166

Jesse Smith 907.748.2284